Matthew Earl

ShadowFall Capital & Research Managing Partner Matthew Earl recollects what it’s like to be digitally hunted by cyber mercenaries.

Erika Gutierres

JBS employee and single mother of three Erika Gutierres describes how a headline-grabbing ransomware attack disrupted her life.

Gurmehar Kaur

Human rights activist and Digital Peace Now Global Ambassador Gurmehar Kaur opens up about her experience falling victim to a sophisticated phishing campaign.

Lincoln College Student

After Lincoln College shuts its doors in part due to a cyberattack, a student is left wondering what’s next.

Crypto Investor

A phishing attack reels in a marketing professional and crypto investor. This is his anonymous story.

Digital Trailblazer: Sinead Bovell

Cyberspace is not just code, computers, and robots – it’s made up of real people. Lucky for us, some of these people use the Internet to make a difference in our online and offline world, and we like that. To recognize these individuals’ unique contributions, we have officially launched our new series Digital Trailblazers. From …

Honoring the Women of Cyberspace

We asked our community to nominate outstanding female peers who have made our cyberspace a better place and how they inspire others to protect the Internet. Here are some of the many contemporary women figures pushing our digital world forward.