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Who We Are

Digital Peace Now is a global movement of over 130,000 digital citizens from over 170 countries who celebrate the internet and look to it for connection, opportunity, and inspiration. We will not allow the internet to become a battlefield.

We Demand That

Governments stop engaging in cyberwarfare

World leaders take action to prevent a future where state sponsored cyberattacks disrupt our daily life and the stability of the modern world.


Infrastructure, elections, entire nations, and even hospitals responding to a global pandemic have been the targets of nation sponsored cyberattacks. The trend of attacks is growing in frequency and sophistication. Knowing the impact these attacks have already had—including harming our trust in the online world— we must prevent them from continuing unchecked. This shadow war has raged on long enough, endangering our lives and our way of life, without any global agreements to curb it.

Our Goal

Nations must know that they will be held accountable for engaging in cyberwarfare — particularly when it endangers civilians. During armed conflict there are guidelines that clearly define attacks and protections for citizens that are enforced with repercussions for bad actors. In the absence of armed conflict, cyberwarfare still takes place unchecked. We believe there is no peace without digital peace, and that rules must be in place to curb cyberattacks even when there is no armed conflict taking place. Nations will continue to take advantage of the grey areas in international law that govern cyberwarfare, until we have a globally adopted comprehensive approach to curbing it.

Our Partners

Microsoft is proud to launch this initiative with these founding members of the Digital Peace Campaign Advisory Board.

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What We Support

The Paris Call brings together nation-states, local governments, private
companies, and civil society organizations to help end state-sponsored
cyberattacks and promote a peaceful cyberspace for all. As a global
movement dedicated to protecting our digital world, we are proud to be a
part of the world’s largest cybersecurity multi-stakeholder commitment to date.

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