Cyberattacks do not discriminate — they can impact anyone, regardless of their background. Until our world leaders take meaningful action to protect our shared digital space, we are all #StillVulnerable.

Here is a collection of real stories from people who have been personally impacted by disruptive and dangerous cyberattacks. Please read these experiences to see why it is so important to keep our Internet from becoming a battlefield.


David Haigh | Kelsay Irby | Richard Sneed | Viktor Zhora | Lama FakihTim Brown |
Heidi Kühn | Matthew Earl | Erika GutierresGurmehar KaurUVM Medical Center Patient | Lincoln College StudentCrypto Investor

David Haigh

Human rights lawyer David Haigh shares what it means to be the first confirmed British citizen targeted by NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware.

Kelsay Irby

St. Michael’s Medical Center nurse Kelsay Irby shares her intense experience treating patients while facing an unforgiving ransomware attack.

Richard Sneed

Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Richard Sneed shares how a severe ransomware attack wreaked havoc on his tribal community.

Viktor Zhora

As the Deputy Head of Ukraine’s cybersecurity agency SSSCIP, Viktor Zhora offers a firsthand account of fighting in a historic hybrid war.

Lama Fakih

Human Rights Watch Director Lama Fakih brings to life the real dangers of NSO Group’s invasive spyware Pegasus.

Tim Brown

SolarWinds Chief Information Security Officer Tim Brown shares what it means to find yourself caught in one of the most prolific cyberattacks to date.

Heidi Kühn

Roots of Peace Founder Heidi Kühn fights to keep her dream alive after a shameful cyberattack targets her nonprofit organization.

Matthew Earl

ShadowFall Capital & Research Managing Partner Matthew Earl recollects what it’s like to be digitally hunted by cyber mercenaries.

Erika Gutierres

JBS employee and single mother of three Erika Gutierres describes how a headline-grabbing ransomware attack disrupted her life.

Gurmehar Kaur

Human rights activist and Digital Peace Now Global Ambassador Gurmehar Kaur opens up about her experience falling victim to a sophisticated phishing campaign.