Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Brushing Up on Cyber Hygiene

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the perfect time for everyone to take a moment to brush up on their cyber hygiene to protect themselves from online threats. All of us —individuals, businesses, and governments— are responsible for doing our part to protect ourselves and those around us. Cyber hygiene refers to specific practices and steps that help maintain computer system health and enhance online security. When these practices become routine, cyber hygiene not only ensures the safety of computer networks but also goes a long way towards creating a more secure and resilient digital world.

To help get you started, we’re sharing this Tech Insider video featuring former NSA hacker, David Kennedy. It offers simple tips on how to protect yourself from cyberattacks.

Tech Insider – Former NSA Hacker Reveals 5 Ways To Protect Yourself Online

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!