Digital Peace Now is Hiring!

Open Role: Global Campaign Ambassador 

Digital Peace Now is seeking an ambassador to help amplify the campaign’s global objectives of helping the public understand the threat of cyberwarfare and demand that world leaders ensure the safety of the digital world. The campaign ambassador will act as the official voice and public representative of the campaign, and help generate greater understanding of cyberwarfare and public support for protecting our digital society. The ideal candidate is a dynamic activist-at-heart who wants to champion responsible use of technology in the digital age. Background and interests may include peacebuilding, humanitarian issues, international diplomacy, internet advocacy, responsible use of technology and/or cybersecurity. 

This is a part-time, paid contracted position to be held from approximately July 2020 – July 2021.

To inquire: Email a short video of interest, resume, and applicable portfolio items by June 15 to [email protected]