Cyberattacks do not discriminate — they can impact anyone, regardless of their background. Until our world leaders take meaningful action to protect our shared digital space, we are all #StillVulnerable.

Here is a collection of real stories from people who have been personally impacted by disruptive and dangerous cyberattacks. Please read these experiences to see why it is so important to keep our Internet from becoming a battlefield.


David Haigh | Kelsay Irby | Richard Sneed | Viktor Zhora | Lama FakihTim Brown |
Heidi Kühn | Matthew Earl | Erika GutierresGurmehar KaurUVM Medical Center Patient | Lincoln College StudentCrypto Investor

Lincoln College Student

After Lincoln College shuts its doors in part due to a cyberattack, a student is left wondering what’s next.

Crypto Investor

A phishing attack reels in a marketing professional and crypto investor. This is his anonymous story.