The Navigation Bar: Digital Peace Now’s First Online Series

To bring attention to our shared digital environment and underscore the importance of protecting it from state-sponsored cyberattacks, we launched an online video series called The Navigation Bar. Hosted by Digital Peace Now Ambassadors Gurmehar Kaur and Raj Burli, the series takes us on a unique journey through cyberspace to show cyberwarfare’s impact on our online and offline worlds. The Navigation Bar includes breakdowns of the latest cyberattacks, thought-provoking cyberwarfare trivia, and interviews with policy experts, peace activists, and more!

To get the series started, the first episode highlights the Internet as a whole, giving us a basic introduction to the dangers of state-sponsored cyberattacks and why we should protect our digital world. Check out the first episode of The Navigation Bar below:

What makes you want to protect the Internet? Let us know on our Twitter channel using the hashtag #DigitalPeaceNow.

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the second episode of The Navigation Bar coming soon.