Aviate, Navigate, Cyberspace: Digital Security and the Aviation Industry

In December 1903, the Wright Brothers accomplished something that would fundamentally change the way that humans travel across the Earth. They proved that sustained powered flight was possible. On that day, humanity realized that we are not meant to be bound to this Earth—we are destined for the skies.

Digital Peace Needs to Be a Priority for the United Nations

In recent years, nation-sponsored cyberattack targets have included governments, critical infrastructure, medical facilities, and private businesses throughout the world. Governments have struggled to reach an international “rules of the road” agreement that would clearly define parameters for nation-backed online hostilities.

Thriving Online in a Digital World

It was 3 a.m. on a Friday, and I was forcing myself to stay awake. You may be thinking, why was I doing this? I was participating in a challenge called Thriving Online, a four-day global expedition-style event where students from across the world work together to address a societal problem.