Digital Peace Now University: DPN’s Online Mini-Lecture Series

Attention, class—Digital Peace Now has officially launched the Digital Peace Now University (DPNU) series. DPNU is an online mini-lecture series that brings together renowned cybersecurity experts to break down current topics and trends related to cyberwarfare and digital peacebuilding. Whether you want to become a better digital peace activist, dive into international law challenges in cyberspace, or understand the basics of cyberattacks, this web series offers a unique learning opportunity for anyone eager to make our online world a better place.  

To kick off the series, this episode features Stanford University’s Dr. Herbert Lin explaining important cybersecurity lessons through his experience with Pounce, his daughter’s unruly cat (based on his LA Times op-ed!). Check out the first video lecture of Digital Peace Now University below: 


Have an idea for a Digital Peace Now University lesson? Let us know on our Twitter channel using the hashtag #DPNU. 

Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for our next lecture coming soon.