Phish in the Sea: Protecting Yourself Online This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, heart-shaped cookies are on the shelves, and flower sales are soaring. Unfortunately, this also means that romance scams are running rampant. There are malicious online actors looking to profit from exploiting others through virtual seduction on Valentine’s Day. We may have binge-watched the Netflix series about the Tinder Swindler, who swindled multiple women to fulfill his financial goals, but romance scams don’t have to be so elaborate to cause harm. 

These scammers may start off by making you think you need them by offering favors (a Tinder Swindler tactic) and then slowly take advantage of you financially. Malicious online actors can also use your digital footprint on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Venmo to cater to your interests and gain your trust. In 2022, 40% of those impacted by romance scams reported that their initial interaction with the scammer started on social media, primarily on Instagram and Snapchat. Regardless of how they can win your affection, these sweetheart saboteurs are dangerous and can exploit you for all that you’re worth.  

To keep you safe from this kind of digital deception, we expertly crafted Valentine’s Day cards that give the greatest gift of all: online security! So, take a look, and spread the love with your family and friends. 

Remember that a real person who is genuinely interested in you will never take advantage of you or place you in harm’s way. I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day is filled with rose bouquets… and not sketchy DMs asking you for money. 



Your DPN Global Ambassador, Bilva